Additive Free Pizza

maxresdefaultSo last week I decided to make pizzas. I found the easiest recipe ever on Pinterest and went out to get the two and only two ingredients needed: plain greek yoghurt and wholemeal flour. Going in to Coles, (after already being unsuccessful at Harris Farm) I thought for sure that the difficult gum free ingredient to track down would be the yoghurt for sure but the first one I picked up and read the label of ‘Farmer’s Union, Greek Style Natural Yoghurt’ was completely additive free, all natural, as advertised.

The ‘hard part’ already accomplished, I walked over to the flour section, ready to grab a good old normal bag of self-raising plain flour, which, not being gluten-free, I thought would just be pretty much flour. I checked three of the four bags available and each one had a gum additive added. Flour! The fourth brand ‘Jimmy’s Masterchef Range Wholemeal Atta Flour’ was, thank god, just wheat flour and wheat bran, gum free.

Now, how was that task possibly that hard? A fricken two ingredient pizza base! The easiest pizza base in the world and it took me two store visits and almost ten flour label investigations. Imagine a pizza with three ingredients!

After all my effort though, the pizzas were delicious, covered in vegetables, pineapple and additive free cheese. The recipe is here if you would like to try it. No stomach disturbance approved!

My theory on gum additives being the cause of our stomach ailments is helped by this grocery incident due to the fact that regular basic, non-fancy flours now too contain gum food additives, so, people eating them may experience all the bloating, constipation and discomforting symptoms of what they think must be gluten intolerance and cut the wheat and gluten containing foods from their diets needlessly, still experiencing the same symptoms as they will still be consuming the same gum additives, just in gluten-free foods instead.

So…that’s that story.



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